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Found 4th Mar
2903966-Zqa52.jpgI'm hoping someone can tell me what the rusted part is called?
The long bit is a screw, so ignore that.
it's the bit that is clamped onto the plastic.
it's clamps tighter when a screw is screwed through the hole.

the location is on the rear bumper of a car and holds a fog light housing in place.

can someone highlight what it's called or even a link to some?

thanks in advance

the picture is uploaded in portrait... it should be viewed anticlockwise landscape.
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Halfords sell them and auto factors
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Bradleigh6 m ago

U-clipHalfords sell them and auto factors

I went to halfords earlier... The guy said nope...not seen anything like that before.
I will be proving him wrong!

Thanks very much!
Now I know what I'm after
There spire clips can get on amazon as well
U clips or spire clips They do sell em in Halfrauds

My motto is always do a google and take a picture in with you and part number as the numpotys we have working in our shops now have no customer service skills and the cannot be bothered attitude - If they are Polish or eastern european you can bet you will get good customer service - sad but true!…ews
If you're going back to Halfords, apply for their Trade card . Will knock quite abit of their inflated prices. eg bulbs £5.99 punter - 99p with TC, not everything is discounted but as it's free, it would rude not to get one.
By the way the other parts a bolt not a screw
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Another common name for these is Speed Nut.
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