Posted 28th Feb 2021
Please can someone tell me if this website is legit I paid for a trial £0.50p but now I’m concerned they might take more money from my account

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    How do you think will they take money from your account if you have not authorised more than 50p? The banking system isn't that bad.
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    This website (the company is ‘Go Vehicle Ltd’vseems to have intervened in my application to renew vehicle tax with the DVLA. I have no password or details of any subscription to VEHICLEENQUIRY UK whichbis what payments of £9.50 and £5.95 a month appear in my a/c under. My DVLA oayment for 12 months tax did nor gi through in 22 Febbas I thought and I have now received aN ‘Unlicensed vehicle’ letter from the DVLA. I have asked for an explanation from Go Vehicle Ltd and am waiting for their answer
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    £5.95 after 24 hours ouch.
    I have 24 million to share with you if your interested.
    Only cost you £10
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    All the information you require is readily available on the site. 50 pence for a 24 hour trial, then fill price monthly cost after 24 hours.
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    Thanks all. Was helping a friend out who managed to cancel the membership on the website and the card they paid with with the bank issuing a new one. Drama solved.
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    this happened to me. i contacted my bank, they cancelled the card and i filled in a dispute form. the bank will try to get the funds back. they explained that we can easily get taken in and think we are paying for our car tax. but its a third party company that you can even get hold of.
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    I thought I had paid my car tax last month but have received a tax reminder from the DVLA; I was shocked, as I was certain I had paid it in December. Like Dick'Houghton I had nothing at all to say that it was not the DVLA - I remember going through all the motions of paying [I always pay in full on the DVLA website] and now see that they are taking £7.85 a month - for what??!! I certainly did not authorise a 50p payment - I am horrified that they were able to 'sign me up' so easily and without my knowledge - and in case you are thinking - I am not stupid - just disgusted at this company - another big time scam.
    This exact same thing happened to me. I "paid" my tax online on 23rd December and received a letter yesterday from the DVLA to say my car wasn't taxed. On further investigation, I found payments to this company on my credit card. The credit card company will stop all further payments but can't refund me as I "willingly" signed up for the vehicle enquiry service. I've never fallen for a scan site before, it really did look like the the DVLA website when I used it back in December.
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