Found 8th Nov 2007
Went up to the in laws on sunday and about 1/4 mile from their house we get 2 bricks chucked at the car. One glanced off the door and the other took a lump out of the spoiler. Wife parks up and jumps out of the car and sees two kids running off at high speed across the field (inlaws live in a small village in the countryside). So we set off searching but can't find the little sods, brother in law took a drive around as well but could find them. Turned out that half an hour before they had also chucked a brick at the mother in laws car and put a dent in the bonnet:x

Got to her mums and knocked on her next door neighbours door to ask where her kids were as they were about the right age/size. So she brings out some school photos and asks if it was them or not, like the wife would be able to tell as she only saw the back of them. So I asked what they were wearing and the mother didn't even know:roll: So we told her what the suspects were wearing just in case she had seen them and she said no.

15 minutes later she calls over the fence, her kids were back and she asked the wife if they were the ones. They all denied it of course and the wife said she thought not...

Got a call from the police today, they had been seen and identified so the police had been round and their mother had been round the mil's for the last hour grovelling and offering to pay for the damage.

What gets me though is as soon as they got back and she saw what they were wearing SHE bloody well knew it was them and tried to cover it up:x

Think I mentioned they live in a SMALL village:giggle:

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Think I mentioned they live in a SMALL village:giggle:

I can hear the banjo from here!


I can hear the banjo from here!
your not the only 1

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your not the only 1

Strangely enough, the eldest does look a bit like that:?
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