Venice and rome lonely planet guides.

    I am looking to go to rome and then venice in a few weeks and need to buy lonley planet guides. the problem is there are too many to choose from, if anyone has bought any of them tell me how they are, or if anyone wants to give me any advice.

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    I have found the Rough Guide maps excellent for both - especially for finding your way about Venice. I can recommend them and they're tough.

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    thanks a lot.
    btw rep added to both of you

    hiya i love venice, a big must is get a water bus pass for the time your there, they are awesome plus allow you to go to lido and murano etc, a warning too if your going to have a drink in st marks square its more expensive if the bands are playing, i did some homework on the web before i went to find out the cheap lunch places and that was invaluable, as for rome we found it best to do lots of walking and got a taxi at night to fly round all the main places to see them lit up, the colosseum looks ace at night

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    thanks markhodges1975, rep added to you aswell
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