Found 12th Mar 2009
Anyone had any dealings with this 'company'?

I'm in the middle of trying to track them down. Slowly coming to the conclusion they are scam artists.

Made an order, not received.
No answer to phone calls. Many many many ignored emails. Sporadic responses filled with platitudes. Premises unmanned. Website disappeared.

However, the website is still accessible via…php

A little digging around shows that this company has had more directors than I've had hot dinners, it apparently splintered from another company with the same name, and has a shady past on ebay.

Has anyone else had any dealings with them and can offer me any information?
I'm building a case with the trading standards, and any info would be very much appreciated.

I hate being scammed
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I too have had problems with this company. I bought a system from them for £1500 at the end of January. They delivered the wrong computer. They apologised and put in extra memory as compensation. New computer arrived but Fedex had dropped it and it was badly damaged inside. Numerous phone calls to get it picked up (pick ups never happened) and new computer delivered.
Finally gave them ultimatum of delivering computer or money back, wish I had got money back. However 10th March computer delivered, but not to the agreed spec, but it does work! Have waited so long for computer that am reluctant to send back, thats even if I can contact them because emails not answered and web site down, will try phoning today.
Hi again,

Forgot to mention that I delt mainly with xxxxxxxxxxx, who was one of the managers (I asked him). When I did get to speak to him he was always apologetic but I had to keep chasing him up to get things moving.
I have been having the same problem.

I ordered a PC case over 5 weeks ago!
After week one I called and spoke to xxxxxxxxxxx and he said there was a problem with there shipping (but you could tell he was lying) and said it will be shipped.

Week after that still no item chased again spoke to the same guy and asked for a refund.

Week after that still no refund chased with them again and they said they will chase this up.

One week after still no refund and haven't been able to get hold of him the past week.

I have phoned my bank and got them to chase it up aswell.

Hi again,Forgot to mention that I delt mainly with xxxxxxxxxx, who was … Hi again,Forgot to mention that I delt mainly with xxxxxxxxxx, who was one of the managers (I asked him). When I did get to speak to him he was always apologetic but I had to keep chasing him up to get things moving.

Ah, xxxxxxxxxxx... the man who promises a lot and delivers little
Well, I've now been told I'm getting a refund... we'll see....
Sorry to hear you have not even got your computer tankuk. You mention getting your bank onto them, hopefully you paid by credit card as then at least you get your money back.
Because of the delays to my delivery xxxxx put an extra 3meg of memory in the machine taking me up to 6meg. Sent an email saying not much use to me as the vista i was using was 32bit. When I received this computer windows was not activated, so put my code in and I now have 64bit Vista!
The CPU cooler is not the one I ordered, and the computer is not overclocked which he had promised. However my two hard drives seem to be larger than 1tb each, which is what I ordered. So I suppose I have got a machine that would have cost me more from any other place, but warranty might be a problem!
I had also ordered a mouse with the machine by accident, I asked for a refund (this was before delivery) and xxxxx said he would see to it.Still waiting for that one. He did say he would send me a mouse for all the trouble I have been put through. Still waiting for that as well!
Let me know if you actually get in touch with the company!
I just got a letter from the liquidators. This company has gone under.

However, bizarrely, on the same day, my refund came through. So Mr xxxxx kept his word with me. I hope the rest of you guys have the same good fortune.
thank goodness I've found this forum !

I have exactly the same problem. Bought a computer from venomelectronic 12 days ago. There website down etc. Spent 1400 pounds and no computer. Been calling & emailing xxxxxxxxxx each day. Came to the conclusion that it is all a fraud, until I came across this. Liquidation makes sense now. Not getting the goods doesn't make any sense.

I paid with my maestro over the phone. yesterday, I canceled my card and told the bank that I had been scammed. they said they will dispute the transaction and I should get my money back between 7 - 10 weeks.

xxxxx sent me a tracking number for the computer. details he sent had no courier company name or URL, no date... ...and is bogus because I can't track anything with it.

This has really messed with my work + clients, and is a massive inconvenience.

So mad, This whole thing is severely messed up. Anybody got any suggestions on what I should do?

Sorry to hear your problems benjamin. xxxxxxxxxxxx did tell me that they were dropping Fedex for another company as had several computers broken in transit (including mine) Always promised me tracking info, never got it! I cannot remember the other courier name, but it was not one I had heard of before.
At least you know you will get your money back eventually, it took me two months to get my computer!
thx for the heads up.

i need this computer now, due to work. won't be waiting 2 months.
i'll post once all is resolved.

thx again
I've PMed you with the liquidator's details CB
you're a gem! thx. will get onto this first thing!
thx heaps!

will update once resolved

note: just incase other people have found themselves like us . here are others with the same problem.

got the computer... ...keeps crashing = nightmare.... ...going to sell it to someone who can fix it... ...hav'nt got time. wasted heaps of money. oh well
Benjamin if the computer is no good and you paid by credit card you can claim a full refund from the card company.
I count myself as very lucky, my computer works like a dream, just got to work out how to overclock myself (probably blow it up!!) as they were supposed to have done it.
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