Found 8th Jan 2009
Why do companies try and fix something that isn't broke!

Now something that wasn't causing me problems is!


Rant over.

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To wind you up. :-D

i think its great when people vent there anger, and use it as a anagram, cos no-one knows what the hell your on about, dont you just love that.................................

Easy now .... Your day can only get better ;-)


Thread title + no content = Bad thread idea.

Original Poster


Thread title + no content = Bad thread idea.

More for so i can complain on something rather anything else!

I've calm down now. Basically a load of file paths were changed and none of them worked properly so i had to change them all ........then software crashed (companys own):roll:

I usually show my Lack of planning on your part will not constitute an emergency on my part sign at this point
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