A Welsh ventriloquist visiting deepest Wales walks into a small town near Llanfynydd And sees a local sitting on his veranda patting his dog.

    He figures he'll have a little fun, so he says to the local

    'Hello, mind if I talk to your dog?'

    Villager: 'The dog doesn't talk.'

    Ventriloquist: 'Hello dog, how's it going mate?'

    Dog: 'Yeah, doin' all right.'

    Local: (look of extreme shock)

    Ventriloquist: 'Is this villager your owner?' (pointing at the

    Dog: 'Yep'

    Ventriloquist: 'How does he treat you?'

    Dog: 'Yeah, real good. He walks me twice a day, feeds me great food And Takes me to the park once a week to play.'

    Local: (look of utter disbelief)

    Ventriloquist: 'Mind if I talk to your horse?'

    Local: 'Uh, the horse doesn't talk either...I think.'

    Ventriloquist: 'Hey horse, how's it going?'

    Horse: 'Cool'

    Local: (absolutely dumbfounded)

    Ventriloquist: 'Is this your owner?' (Pointing at the villager)

    Horse: 'Yep'

    Ventriloquist: How does he treat you?

    Horse: 'Pretty good, thanks for asking. He rides me regularly, Brushes me Down often and keeps me in the shed to protect me from the Elements.'

    Local: (total look of amazement)

    Ventriloquist: 'Mind if I talk to your sheep?'

    Local: (in a panic) 'The sheep's a f*****' liar......'


    Lol I like that joke

    i dont do sheep lol

    Is there a quiz thread???:whistling::whistling:

    Funny joke Skuse:thumbsup:
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