Verbatim Dual Layer Dvds

    hi does anyone know where i can get a good price for verbatim dual layer dvds about 2.4 or 4 speed thanks!:thumbsup:


    best price I've found is over at
    don't forget to sign up for the HDUK discount with them.

    ....and don't forget you'll need +R disks

    Have to agree with arcsbite, SVP is probably the cheapest you'll get in this country. How many do you want to buy? SVP have a tub of 20 for £34.37 including delivery.

    I bought the exact same spindle off ebay a few weeks ago, at a cost of around £29 including delivery. The seller is based in the USA but delivery only took about 7 days. If you want the sellers name, please pm me.

    Original Poster

    gna pm u now ian ps did u get charged tax?

    Nope, no tax on the discs I received, but then I suppose every parcel has a chance of being taxed, so don't take this for granted.
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