Verbatim dual-layer DVD's ???

    I'm on the hunt for Verbatim dual-layer DVD's (for xbox 360 backups).

    Preferably in a spindle (10? 25?). But would consider single discs if reasonably priced!


    ]http//sv…=18 20 Dual layer £29.99

    There is a 5% off SVP code floating about here too, so a little saving to be had on the price.

    I ordered some from SVP the other day, they work like a dream compared to others I've tried. Although Aone's I'd also highly recommend which were about 8 quid for 10.

    Expensive yes, but you get what you pay for.

    The batch I received were manufactured in Singapore, apparantly better than those made in Japan and India.


    I used to get my printable verbs from stanleysonline, they were a lot cheaper than anywhere else and as I was ordering 200 at a time I got free shipping and a lower price (price break at 7 spindles iirc)

    These days I use infiniti 360's, XB or Umediscs as they work almost as well but are less than half the price.:thumbsup:

    i have a-one bought last from cclonline
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