Verbatim DVD + R Dual Layer discs

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Found 4th Apr 2007
Found a site selling them for £1.95 per disc (in a pack of 5). However the delivery made it upto nearly £2 per disc.

Anyone know of a good DVD shop? Where delivery prices are reasonable?



£15.79 (£18.72 delivered) at SVP for 10 in a cakebox:


Verbatim DL media has been so hard to get hold of around Europe that we've taken the unusual step of buying some stock in from the USA. This product is sold by Verbatim as 2.4x but is capable of being written at higher speeds in some modern DVD writers.

Two high-quality Azo recording layers on one disc.

The top surface of these discs are a pale pink, branded with the Verbatim logo in the top-right corner, with a 3-lined area across the bottom to effectively display the disc contents.

ADVDInfo: MKM 001
Packaging: Verbatim branded spindle tubs of 10 discs

I use SVP a lot and they're the best retail price around
the USA disks they sell work fine for 360 back ups too.

problem is they're often out of stock,
I've found a place on ebay that do them


cheaper than SVP and you get a free CD marker pen with every order too
I'ved used them about 6 times, disks usually arrive within 2-3 days, so just as quick as SVP too

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Thanks for the posts guys i've ordered a small batch from ukdvd.co.uk just to do some trials.

If they work, then I will go for the cake box set

i used a-one gt em of my local microdirect but u can find em cheaper i thin it is cclonline.co.uk

or any computer fair will sell you A-ones which are suitable for XBOX360 for around £6-7.

Bigpockets had a clearance sale for £5 (for 10) howevver they sold out in nanoseconds..

I get mine from fairs

do u?

if they are printable then what does that mean?!

[SIZE=2]anyone know of any good pc fairs in manchester apart from bowlerS?[/SIZE]

There is a worldwide shortage of this type of disc, we are promised some next week, but Dixons have the bulk of the stock under contract, so we only get small amounts.

Hope that helps.

This is the best verb dl+ by far (sold out until Wed/Thu)
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