Verify your account (Factory Reset Protection) on Android but using google in app password

    I have sold one android phone, but now the buyer is getting an error when he is trying to put his details on the android phone. I did a factory reset before sending him the phone by post.

    I don't want to share my google account password and therefore question is whether I can use the generated app password (16 digit) to the buyer so that he get past the verification screen?


    If you did a factory reset then the phone would be blank, the issue must be his end, you could ask him to send the phone back and include his details so you can get the phone working? It may automatically work after you suggest it?

    I've had this issue a few times when selling phones on eBay. Each time it's simply been the buyer lying in order to get my security details.

    If you reset and didn't delete your account on the phone first then it will look for your details and assume the phone is stolen. I've had it happen to me before I realised what I was doing wrong, I usually give my password and change it straight after.
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