Vertical line on LG OLED tv purchased from John Lewis

Posted 18th Jan 2020
We have a 8 month LG 65 inch OLED

Purchased from john lewis

A faint vertical line has appeared on the screen.

I have run the pixel fix option from picture settings

I have tried reset to factory settings

The line appears on normal tv and HDMI inputs and netflx

I paid for the TV instore and john lewis delivered it. It is a large item and may be difficult to fit into the car to return to store

What will John Lewis do if I report the fault?

- Do they come out to inspect and repair at my home?

- Do I have to take it to a store?

- Will they replace the TV?
(it is a C8 model. The current model is C9 series)

- Will they provide a temporary tv if it has to go back for repair?

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