Vertical line on LG OLED tv purchased from John Lewis

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We have a 8 month LG 65 inch OLED

Purchased from john lewis

A faint vertical line has appeared on the screen.

I have run the pixel fix option from picture settings

I have tried reset to factory settings

The line appears on normal tv and HDMI inputs and netflx

I paid for the TV instore and john lewis delivered it. It is a large item and may be difficult to fit into the car to return to store

What will John Lewis do if I report the fault?

- Do they come out to inspect and repair at my home?

- Do I have to take it to a store?

- Will they replace the TV?
(it is a C8 model. The current model is C9 series)

- Will they provide a temporary tv if it has to go back for repair?

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Why don't you just contact them
Input from hdmi lead? If so that could be the trouble.
Why don't you just contact them
Give their technical support team a call

"Call our Technical Support Team

0330 123 0106

Monday - Friday, 9am - 9pm
Saturdays 9am - 8pm

Sundays & Bank Holidays 10am - 6pm "
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wayners18/01/2020 19:01

Input from hdmi lead? If so that could be the trouble.

op said netflix as well
esar18/01/2020 19:50

You could always try and do what this guy does …You could always try and do what this guy does

Yeah don't do that. Just call John Lewis.
My Samsung tv developed a fault just under 1yr from purchase John Lewis replaced the main board and speakers in the tv (this was all
Done in my home) unfortunately it didn’t resolve the problem. If they can’t fix it they will replace
esar18/01/2020 19:49

op said netflix as well

Oops...I missed that. Lines across TV are hdmi fault or tv fault.
wayners18/01/2020 21:01

Oops...I missed that. Lines across TV are hdmi fault or tv fault.

Yeh, with me it's forgetting to press the "show more" button on mobile lol
powerbrick18/01/2020 19:05

Why don't you just contact them

It is less than a year old, so I can either contact LG to deal with the warranty or John Lewis

Wasn't sure which one was better.

-will one try to fix, but the other would replace?

- would I be without a tv while is it being fixed?
Contact JL not LG.
My Samsung tv developed a fault a couple of years into the warranty. They couldn’t have been more helpful. Within days they had an engineer out to check it out (at my convenience) and he sent the report directly to JL with his recommendations. Within about 1 week of initial contact JL offered me a TV replacement (part no longer available/not economical to repair) to the same amount that I paid for the tv 2 years before, or my my money back iirc.
Their is toner service was second to none. I ended up with a brand new tv 2 models newer and some money back. Good luck, I’m sure they’ll sort it all for you

Also, they will answer all your questions about a replacement tv in the meantime if it needs to be sent off, but I remember the engineer said he’d fix it at my home if parts approved, so this would be more likely.
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Your TV is under warranty. Do not attempt to "fix" yourself. If you did try anything - DO NOT TELL JL THIS FACT.

Simply call JL (as your contract is with them - not the manufacturer) and they will arrange an engineer. They do not expect you to take a 65" TV into the store! I purchased a 37" TV from them and asked the same question too so don't worry about it. As others have said, leave it to them to solve your issue. They will either fix, replace OR refund.

They will answer ALL of your questions with a simple phone call.

All the best, Phsy.
I have an older version of the LG OLED. I too have artifacts on my screen, I have horizontal lines though. I literally received a reply from LG regarding a fix, they have asked me to run the clear panel noise program 5 times & to get back in touch if the issue remains. ( took over 1 week to get a reply) I am running the clear panel now, doubt it will fix the issue but worth a try.
Years ago i bought a sony tv from JL and within a week i had a red line appear down the screen. They said they would take the tv away and repair it but leave me with a tv to watch. I said no i don't want a repaired one as i've spent all this money for a new tv and it's only a week old. They then bought me a brand new one and boxed the old one in the box from the new tv and took it away.

However you having it 8 months means you might not get the same level of service i eventually got.

This was about 7 years ago and replacement tv is still going strong.
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