Vertical or venetian blinds

    We are struggling to find venetian blinds to fit our windows at 30" wide (75cm)
    with a 48" drop (122cm) we were looking at verticals too but as our recess is split in two by a wall this means added expense as we need 4 shorter tracks rather than 2 longer ones.
    Anyone got any ideas where to shop for these? Either high street or online, cheapest verticals we can find are £36 each at Hillarys which means a total of £134 which is high compared to my parents who had 3 8ft ones made to measure from them for £100!
    Thanks in advance,

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    I used these when I fitted my conservatory out with blinds (vertical).
    Excellent customer service from them as well.
    I had 4 sets all at 48" drop.
    2 at 54" width and 2 at 44" wide.
    Total cost was about £180
    Just inputting your requirements into them with the Shortbread design brings both blinds in at £73:thumbsup:
    This includes 2 sets of tracks and both wall and roof sets of fittings.
    They are also part of Hilary's blinds as well.;-)
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