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Found 16th Mar 2009
Found this quite useful site if you use a lot of the public torrent sites

There are lots of potential threats distributed through bittorrent networks and since filesharing became extremely popular one needs to be protected from these threats. The new site VerTor (, which is short for Verified Torrents, offers a service that provides users with torrent files that made it through an anti-virus scan and some more tests.

Main features of the site are following. Every torrent file is downloaded and checked for viruses and passworded archives. The system also extracts small samples of audio files so that users can be sure they download the right stuff. For videos the engine makes screenshots and puts them with the file. Text information and archive filelists are also extracted and shown. If a user has downloaded a torrent from a different site and wants to check if it is good enough, he can enter the hash of the torrent on a special page. If the torrent was checked by it will tell you whether it is a good one or not and provide you with the information we have available. If the torrent hasnt been checked then users can upload it and it would be downloaded and verified by the system. The upload feature is now limited to 2 GB files. One nice feature that can be very useful for newbies is the option of downloading from the web. It launches the BitLet online torrent client and users dont have to download torrent files and load them into various torrent clients on their computers. Last thing worth mentioning is that the site is completely ad-free. It is planned to be so as long as possible.

The overall concept that is implemented by VerTor is unique and has great potential! It contains torrents that are scanned for viruses, checked for protection and text/audio/graphic information is extracted. It is user-friendly as well. Visit and try out this great service!
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Will give this a go. Thanks.
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