very 50 pounds off 50 pounds spend

    Anyone had an email from very with a voucher code offering 50 pounds off a 50 pounds spend?

    I got one today and thought surely it's a mistake, they are basically giving me 50 quid?

    If anyone has had it and used it, did it all go through OK? Or should I expect an email in a few days saying they won't credit my 50 pounds back?


    Sounds like an error, have you read the T&C's of the offer? If you do make an order and they decide not to honour this as a mistake then you should be able to cancel anyway and be at no loss?

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    The terms state it's 50 off 50, excluding sale items apple items and financial services. I always get the 30 off 60 ones but never use them.

    I bought some trainers and applied the code which was accepted, and my confirmation email states that it has been applied


    Can you share the code?
    It probly won't work but worth a try

    I have had the code too


    I have had the code too

    ​can you send me the code please

    Could I have the code too please, if anyone kind enough to share? Thanks. (Incidentally, I would avoid buying clothes as the sizing tends to be a bit 'erratic' from what I have read on review sites.).

    I had one for 30 off 30 and it worked, no mistake. I believe they are account specific so wouldn't work for others, at least mine was

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    Cheers for the replies people

    i got one 2
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