Found 25th Jun 2008
Whoever passes Level 3 gets a prize!


Original Poster

Original Poster

dont ruin it for others. delete please :-D:-D

lol i gather thats a yes lol

You need to watch ]this after!

ughh i bout fell of the dang bed!

im glad i watched the video first

Just kept going between level 1 and 2 here ^^

is it a prank? as i got really close to the end then lost...

right click, move to the end box, left click :thumbsup:

Must admit, first time I've been got by something like that...


You now owe me one pair of shorts.

Make sure your sound is on! Excellent tune! :thumbsup:

OMG, i did the right click left click thing and i jumped out my F***in skin and i knew what was coming

did get me i am half aasleep with the sound off

That is NOT funny - just frightened the S**T out of my little girl just by the noise!
She cried her eyes out.

omg i chit meself, that woke me up frollick
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