Very bad break at Combe Haven - you have been warned

    Sorry but do not go to Combe Haven for a Break.

    Talk about hilly and a lovely view of a dump site.

    We were there last week on a Sun £9.50 break with 5 of us (2 kids, 3 adults) and it sucked big time.

    Not a scratch on Pontins/Butlins even though the weather was nice.

    Nothing to do for adults, kids activities poor and badly managed, evening entertainment not even worth the effort.

    I have already written a complaint to Haven head office.

    Even though I only Paid less than £100 all in (including linen cost and entertainment pass) I have asked for a full refund and told them what I thought of the whole experience.


    Cant beat Craig Tara in Ayr, Scotland IMHO. Its a haven site (former butlins) and its fab! Been many times and cant recommend enough!

    i complained before and had paid 200+ and got nowhere, i was really annoyed with there attitude and told them to take me off their mailing list also as they did really stink this time and guess what i still get crap through! they really peeved me off and i havent been back since and wont go back!

    jeez i havent even been to a scottish one! lol

    Original Poster

    More like Hell than Haven thats for

    (see my play on words there...arn't I clever)


    Cant beat Craig Tara in Ayr, Scotland IMHO. Its a haven site (former … Cant beat Craig Tara in Ayr, Scotland IMHO. Its a haven site (former butlins) and its fab! Been many times and cant recommend enough!

    I actually quite enjoyed the Craig Tara one actually. I didnt think I would as I normally enjoy more luxurious holidays abroad.

    There was just something about Craig Tara that was kinda nice.


    I've stayed in a couple of Havens and not had problems with either- Wild Duck in Great Yarmouth was lovely as was the site nr Weston SuperMare

    Im sorry you had a bad experience and I hope customer service do get off their bottoms and help. Try threatening Watchdog, oh and be sure to make a comment on Trip Advisor or other review websites.

    Can vouch for Wild Ducks and Weston Haven though, had a lovely time at both.

    We stayed at Combe Haven last year n the kids loved it. (Also booked again for this July, with the Sun deal again).
    I agree that it's quite hilly and we were at the bottom of the hill but it's just what you make of it.
    We used to TRY n race the kids up the hill lol.
    I think for the money it's pretty good.
    Where else can you take 5 kids (in our case) and 2 adults away in july for just over 100 quid!!!

    I do understand that if ur maybe used to Butlins then it is a step down but so is the price.
    For the same break it'd cost nearly SIX TIMES that!!

    As i said, it's just what you make it.


    Another typical moaning HUKDer

    what did you really expect for that money for 5 people,less than £20 a person????

    Actually the brochure price for for Butlins for the same time in July that we're going is around £900!!!!!!! (But there is a deal on but still 6 times the price lol).
    So it's NIE TIMES as much lol.

    Silver Self Catering
    Option 1Apartment, Oyster Bay
    3 bedrooms
    Kitchen and lounge
    Bathroom with shower
    Current price:
    was: £875.00

    you paid £9.50...what more do you want?

    we went here 3 years ago and had a great time. We were at the bottom of the hill by he back entrance but a good time was had by all. Maybe it was because it was out of season as we went in July? We would go back again.
    We have been to numerous Haven sites and have always had a good time but saying that a girl from work had a problem in Mablethorpe last year - she complained and did get a free holiday (elsewhere I add!) from them.

    so sorry to hear your holiday was ruined x x


    you pays your money, you takes your chances

    Yes Combe haven is a dodgy holiday site.
    The cleaning of the caravans or lack of, is terrible.
    I take a lightweight hoover, loads of cloths and cleaning products and get on with it.
    The caravans are so small it only takes about an hour anyway.
    It is very cheap and we go at least once a year.
    My six year old, knows no better lol.
    He loves going swimming, and just staying in a caravan.
    Well that is all that he can do there :whistling:
    We have gone on every grade, and if you pay for a higher grade you end up with riff raff next door :viking:
    No matter which you go in it will still need a bloody good clean.
    I am taking my kids on 29th May for 3 nights and its £116.
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