Very Cheap Digital camera

    Hi all i do hope that someone can help me with this, our pta is trying to purchase some digi cameras for the primary school, all we need is point and click cameras and we dont care if they are only 1 mega pixel, if anyone can point me in the right direction to go we would all be very grateful, we would like to buy online, please someone help us


    P.S. we also need some really cheap calculators for the children to use, no need for any special sceintific stuff on them just the basics would be great.

    thanks again

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    In my experience with small children an optical viewfinder is a considerable advantage - the Kodak C530 here at £29.99 has this - as well as a display so that they can see the pictures straight away.…_GB

    Amazon have the rather cheap looking Vivitar at the same price:…836

    Both have a small internal memory so if you set them to take the lowest quality pictures you can use them without a memory card. The Kodak is better but refurbished (if this matters to you).
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