Very cheap stationery?

    Look for an online site where there's a good variety of good quality pens, highlighters paper etc because I'm always running out at school and I can't be arsed to go to Smiths! Any suggestions?


    Well a please would have been nice.... but seeing as I am in a fairly good mood

    Stationary Box are currently going into administarion (according to a close friend who works there) I know its not online but there are some good bargins to be had there.
    Wilkinsons is really good for stationary.

    WH Smith do deliver - so you don't have to go just order online.
    And finally
    my manager uses this and likes the prices - dunno if its any good tho…spx

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    Thanks. Sorry about the lack of please. I think it would've come across less rude if I hadn't done the typo and put 'looking' instead of 'look'. I didn't intend it to be a command!

    Depends how much stationary you go through. [url][/url] do some good offers sometimes....
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