Very cool, super super compact laptop OQO

    I saw this product a while ago and now it's actually reality. It's a 1GHz processory, 256mb ddr ram, 20gb hdd, 800x640 tft screen all in a 4.9x3.4x0.9" chassis! It costs $1899 which isn't bad.…cs/…jpg


    [COLOR=royalblue]Funny how we thought things then were such a good buy, just look at that spec and what is available today...:giggle: :giggle: AND that price is just hideous, good to see the company is still trading and keeping up with the times. Guess it would be a bit like the first 'mobiles', the first one I had was the Motorola that came with it's own car battery attached, fun days.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=royalblue]BTW, not many posters thought this was a good buy, looking at the response :whistling:[/COLOR]

    Is this dig things up from the over two years dead day?

    [SIZE=2][COLOR=royalblue]Need some (free) light relief, no money to go into the hot deals area, no freebies in the free section and not interested on mooncups or dating so just looking at what WAS the 'HotUK Deal' of the day :giggle: Harmless fun looking at previous posts & it's free :thumbsup: [/COLOR][/SIZE]
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