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Very Delivery [Which Courier Do They Use?]

Posted 29th Jul 2013
Right I was wondering if someone has used Very for games? I am thinking of placing an order but on check out it says £3.95 for delivery.

I'm guessing they use YODEL or something like that which I don't trust after few items of mine went missing/they don't deliver and return it back to sender.

If it's Royal Mail then it's all good. Actually can trust Royal Mail over YODEL/Hermes etc
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Last few games (and a console) Ive bought from them were delivered by yodel, but not the proper yodel delivery vans. It was delivered by someone in their own car who I guess were "self employed" by yodel as a subcontractor?

Def not royal mail!
It has been Yodel when I've used them.
I have ordered games form very before and have had them delivered by a courier,in own car and also Royal Mail,I think the majority have been by RM.
it might not be an option, but Very will deliver to one of their approved deliver locations which reduces the postage to zero. depends where your delivery locations are, for me there are two local 'corner' shops for want of a better word. you get an email saying its ready for collection and you get a number of days to collect. pop down, sign for it and bobs your uncle.

Only good depending on location of delivery locations though.
oh and as per takethatfan, it just seems to be a guy in his own car that delivers mine, bough a few things with no issues.
These are the people who deliver your items.


Basically anyone can work for them and they use their own car.
Thanks for your reply peoples

I will take a chance and see what happens LOL
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The yodel drivers are self employed yes but they have to rent the Van's unlike Hermes where they use their own vehicle.
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