Very good Pc or Basic Pc, please read.

    Ok i currently have the Dell E520 with my own X1600 Graphics card in.
    Nothing too special but runs the games i play well enough and does everything i need fine.

    However my dads PC has just broke.

    So i either want to give him this one and buy a new pc for myself with, better, more future friendly, better power and better graphics.


    Get him a nice cheap PC thats going to be reliable.

    So the limit for me is around £450
    And for him is around "250


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    This any good?
    How much better is it than my current PC?…tem

    woolworths £249.99 (with quidco £244.99). only draw back is it's pink!

    I have built one with wireless keyboard and mouse, Q6600, 4 gigs ddr2 ram, 6.1 sound card 250 gig hard drive, 8600GT, 20x SATA dvd burner all formats, freeview tv card and remote, legitimate Vista Home Premium with Works 9 Roxio creator software, Norton AntiVirus trial

    £325 on own or £400 with 19" Phillips 4:3 monitor(used though) both sent seperate by courier 5ms response, DVI and VGA ports inc cables.

    400W psu so it can handle more than 1 hard drive and dvd burner.

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    Thanks but hes found one now, though if i had the money i would get that
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