Very (or any other catologue) codes

    Asked a while ago but wanted to know for any update.

    I'm wanting to get a good sized glass display cabinet. Want it about 6 ft tall and a foot square. So far for all costs involved Very has the best I can find at £147 delivered.…781

    I was wondering, First if anyone has a code to knock of a good amount of money - has to be existing customer or
    Second if anyone knows of a better display case.

    thanks in advance.


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    Was hopeing for some with current customers in mind. Hate the idea of making multiple account just to get more savings. But at the same time £147 is a lot for a case.

    theres some on that link for existing, 5% off seems good! + quidco!

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    Dang, still going to cost me a bit then.

    Of chance does anyone know of any cheap display cases ?. I know of Ikea but it will cost me £40 in either petrol to pick up or in delivery charges.
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