Very quick PC question

    I have a 4 DIMM slot Dell motherboard and I currently have 2x1 gig running in dual channel.

    If I was to add more RAM to it, do i need to buy the same RAM as the existing RAMs to run the two new ones in dual channel along with the existing ones?

    or can I buy say 2x 1gig of corstair RAM and run them in dual channel as well?

    I guess what am trying to say is, does all 4 have to be identical or just 2 sets of identical RAMs.

    Thanks guys!


    As long as they are compatible the two sets don't have to be the same brand.

    Make sure the new ram you buy is of the same speed or it will slow down the existing set.


    Check to make sure they are not 2xDDR and 2xDDR2 slots, else like Tatey says you may get a problem. Like slower speed, or only seeing one lot of memory.

    Dont have to be identical, go to you have have your memory checked there
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