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How have quiz shows changed since the 1960's to now....

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Black and White-Colour

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lol seriously

More Money?

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well kind of...need more detail tho i know that they didnt really offer money in 60's because only channel was bbc...and they thought it was wrong to let people win back there own tv license money

Media exam tomorrow, good luck
With post modernism implemented into more recent shows one of the key differences is the addition of public interaction, In terms of questions where the public can phone in answering a question directed at the viewing public. This is showing the more modern shows are trying to entice the viewing audience and engage them while in the past the viewing public were more passive in their viewing habits.

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thankyou..electric how do you know lol ?

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how did you know i got exam

I would recommend you mention the following points:

The modern quiz shows where there is only a host and the viewing public phone in - mention why this is (cheap to produce and makes money in phone calls) Compared to the past where no public interaction was used.

The hosts in the past focused generally on older gentlemen (almost granddad vibe, trustworthy and capable of a light chuckle) while modern shows generally use younger actors (male and female to a greater extent) to try and get the young target audience.

Classic quiz shows didn't use celebrities as much as modern shows (esp at holiday episodes)

Product Placement in the past funded the prizes and the show (prizes were generally smaller in the past) and now a mixture of adverts and product tie-ins such as who wants to be a millionaire video game. Mention the word synergy to describe this new connection

In most modern shows as opposed to the more classic shows the questions per minute has risen to create tension (name examples such as who wants to be a millionaire compared to wheel of fortune) Some modern shows even have this as it's hooks (the one where it reads your heart rate when asking question)

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thank an examiner...or teacher or something?


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who are you then and how do you know...just wondering how valuable your recommendations are

Lets put it this way, I am currently studying physics at university after completing my A-levels where I completed media studies A-level in 6 months with an A.

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ooh ok...thanks for that...

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very helpful...what does synergy mean

Need any questions answered or anything else?
Synergy is the promotion and sale of a product (and all its versions) throughout the various subsidiaries of a media conglomerate,[1] e.g. films, soundtracks or video games. Walt Disney pioneered synergistic marketing techniques in the 1930s by granting dozens of firms the right to use his Mickey Mouse character in products and ads, and continued to market Disney media through licensing arrangements. These products can help advertise the film itself and thus help to increase the film's sales. For example, the Spider-Man films had toys of webshooters and figures of the characters made, as well as posters and games.

Many modern quiz shows are operated on scenes of scripted work, unlike in classic shows (these existed on non scripted questions and answers. This is to meet certain quotas the modern show must follow (eg jokes, time periods before adverts).

In Classical shows the quiz were operated to appeal to the whole family and were usually broadcast at times the whole family watched tv . Modern shows are tailed to certain demographics. An example is *high tension modern quiz you know* would appeal to the younger generation and will have certain tells such as colours used, lighting used (it is bright, dark, dark in bits and bright in others) and follow a certain procedure. While *mellow modern quiz show you know* would appeal more to the mother at the home due to the day and is tailed in that way.....for example less questions per minute and less tense.

When describing something mention how it relates to the audience and try and divide them up into:
Age demographics
Economic demographics
Social demographics

Going to bed now, good luck to everyone with exams. I have some coming up as well.....
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