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Posted 19th Nov
Hi, just wondering if I will get my refund from Very without a problem if I don't collect the package from the post office? Apparently it is kept there for 10 days.

Of course the alternative would be to collect it, go back home to print the return label and take it back (return label not available just now presumably because I've not received the item), but with the local post office queues that would take a while.
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That’ll work but will obviously take a while for refunds but you could also ask post office to send it back before the auto 10 days is up.
Tell Very you will be returning the item under CCR 2013 and this will be effected by natural RM return. That way all your obligations have been fulled. Job done.
Reading Very issues on here, providing you are within your 'rights' to return it, I would collect it, print the label and queue up at a post office and get the receipt and take it from there.
You can leave it for 10 days and it gets returned and refunded. Or pick it up and take some tape with you the returns labels are inside the bag... just remember to goto account and organise return if you pick it up...

very get a bashing on here by a few members, but I’ve never had an issue, the positive has to out way the negative or they would go out of business...
You don't have to print off anything, parcel already comes with a returns label inside. All you got to do is tick the relevant box for reason(s) for the return, and stick the returns label on the parcel.
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