Very sad... my duck is gone.


    You may have guessed by my username that I have something to do with ducks. Well, I have several as pets. They're specially bred breeds of duck which I keep in my large garden as pets.

    Earlier today I noticed one was having a few problems and wasn't moving about much. It was just sat there on its own, so we brought it into our conservatory in the warm. I did all I could to get it back to health but it wouldn't eat or drink. It's usually quite noisy but it hasn't made a sound all day. It has just died in my arms at about 8PM.

    Well, as always, we must move on. :cry:


    Awww sorry to hear that ducky

    the duck may be gone, but the magic lives on.

    Original Poster

    Aww... that's great!


    the duck may be gone, but the magic lives on.

    That is so sweet!

    Ahh ducky i'm really sorry to hear your sad news ((hugs))

    Sorry to hear that too ducky...

    Sorry to hear that, but the show MUST go on...

    Aww babes, thats so sad, glad you could give it comfort.

    Awww.... :cry: :cry: :cry:

    Ohh, I feel as sad as everyone else. There are these mallards in a lake nearby that I feed every now and again and get quite attached to them, especially when there are ducklings. And there's this cheeky woodduck as well...

    Hope the others are all well, perhaps you'll be blessed with another.

    Sorry to hear that matey, not good to lose a pet. Never lost a Duck before but it must be awful. I used to have a guinee pig once and I thought it was warmed skinned, obviously not, it took 2 days to properly thaw out before the burial could go ahead.

    Did this Duck have a name? I can't remember my Gerbils name, sorry.
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