very service charges for bnpl items

    i bought an item on bnpl on very last year and i have a just got my statment threw saying i have a serivice charge for this item, even tho my account has been in credit for the item since last year as we paid the money on to the account,

    charge 127
    cost of item 359

    So they have billed me for the intrest for this item even tho my account is in credit has any one else had this before.

    Is there anyway we can get this charge waivered as the account been incredit for some amount of months.

    it feels like we have been conned for the bnpl as they have slap intrested on it at the end even the the full amount was sitting on the account


    If you paid it all off before the due date (should tell you this in your contract) there should be no interest to pay.
    Have you contacted them by phone yet, perhaps they made a mistake, it does happen.

    In the contract it does state this:

    To avoid paying interest, please pay the cash price in full and contact … To avoid paying interest, please pay the cash price in full and contact us to tell us that the payment is for you buy now pay later item

    Did you forget to ring them and tell them the money you was sending them was for that item? I think if you ring them you can sort it out.

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    we didnt know you had to ring them, phoned to see if we can get it removed
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