Very sure I got sold fake ralph lauren on For Sale / Trade

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Found 19th Nov 2009
Here is original thread :…ket

BTW i am deepockets, but that account is suspended for another few hours but i want some advice as soon as i can.

Recieved today and it i am 100% positive its a fake.
Will insert pics in next post.

A few things
Picture of my logo: (looks a bloody cheesestring riding)
And also the RRP is wrong , the official website lists it as $89.50
Frayed stiching which is coming undone.
Wrong zip.

Paid by B/T, he had 38 feedback all positive , what i am suppose to do? how do i report the seller?


In b4 someone reports you

making another account on here is bad bad idea

aww bless ya


Thread closed. Multiple accounts are not permitted. Additional infraction will be applied to the main account.

You should gather your evidence and present it to the seller, keep us informed upon your return.

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