very very slow slow amazon prime video download for offline viewing and im on fibre broadband ?

hi i am haveing a very very slow slow amazon prime video download for offline viewing and im on fibre broadband ?

and dont know why anyone else help me thanks.


Just tried a download on S6 from BTOpenzone wifi. No issues. Have you tried the usual... closing apps to free up RAM, clearing cache, even restarting your device?

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yer ive reset tablet i dont understand

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can i download on pc ?

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im just gonna try on my phone and see if its the tablet.

If other device is also slow, check if virgin has dug a hole in your area. Happens

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its going a bit faster on my phone like strange

Amazon struggle delivering video, they always have - compared to Netflix etc.

I have 160mb Fibre and can download at stupid speed, yet from Amazon it's quite often slow. They insisted it was my device, but I did it on multiple devices, on multiple connections with the same result.

If you have prime, contact amazon, tell them their service is terrible and you expect better and they will chuck a months prime on your account.. done it a few times now!

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rite left me phone on 5 hourz didnt download i was dl to sd card i fin it and iy dl right away very.odd

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lol rite i was downliadig to sd card and it was downloading forever i downloaded to device and its downloading ok now.

Can you run a test at

3 days for a 2 hour film on my iPhone 6, 12 minutes for a 2 hour film from iTunes on the same BB connection.. definitely an issue with Amazon imho
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