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Posted 14th Jan 2016
Hi All

Received this email from I've been a customer with them for 5 years now suddenly they send me a email saying this ....I've always paid in full before the BNPL expiry time has expired it looks like they've got more greedy to the people that pay in full before the interest period starts.

Surely the whole reason behind a BNPL scheme is exactly what its suppose to say on the tin?

Guess they **** coz they aint making enough money out of me .
their digging their own grave sending this type of email to a Hotukdeal member.

any advice would be great thanks.

We are making some changes to the terms of your Very account which will take effect from 26/02/2016 onwards.

The Terms and Conditions of your credit agreement will be varied as on your notice of variation which can be accessed byclicking here. Please find a summary of these changes below.Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)

•We may charge a fee each time that you use Buy Now Pay Later, this fee will be known as a “Buy Now Pay Later Order Fee”.•When you are shopping we will make it clear within checkout if this fee will be charged.•

This fee will be applied to your account within 3 working days of your purchase and will need to be paid in full on the following statement. It is included in your minimum payment.•The fee is fixed in cost therefore it will be the same irrespective of how many items you have in your basket or how much the value.•

This does not affect any of your previous BNPL orders•More FAQs can be found in our Help Pages located in the “contact us” section of the website.Mobile Phone Insurance Excess•If you hold mobile phone insurance with us and make a claim, you will now be able to spread the cost using your Very account.•Buy Now Pay Later is not available.Financial Ombudsman Service
•Additional information has been included to advise what steps to follow should you wish to raise a complaint and how to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service should we not be able to resolve the complaint.Further information on BNPL and Mobile Phone Insurance can be found in our Moneyzone pages.

Yours sincerelyStephen Johnson
Product and Marketing Director
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Just shop somewhere else, let you feet do the walking.
Or close the account and reopen another ... I already own 3 accounts plus this one ,
not like i'll miss it. lol Don't think its targeted at everybody though coz nothing was said about my other accounts.
how much is the fee
KM4353 I cant access it ...the url webpage comes up with with a blank page.
Tried it again ..its just downloaded the charges are as followed £10 - £15 -£20 - £25 it's a bit steep if this fee dont come off your total bill. , I'll see if i can get a full copy printed off.
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This is the full terms of the changes made to the account

Notice of Variation
We are making some changes that apply to your Credit Account Agreement. Please read this leaflet carefully and keep it for
future reference as it contains changes to some of your terms and conditions. A set up fee may now be payable when you
place an order on Buy Now Pay Later.
With effect from 26/02/2016, clauses 2 of Key Financial Information, Key Information, clauses 1.3, 2, and 8 of Further Terms
and Conditions of your Credit Account Agreement will be replaced by the correspondingly numbered clauses detailed below.
Key Financial Information
2. Repayments – You will be sent a statement every 28 days giving details of all transactions on your account during the
period since your last statement or, if there has been no previous statement, since the opening of your account. The
first payment will become due 20 days after the date of your first statement and all subsequent payments will be due
20 days after the date of the statement on which they appear. The due date will be shown on each statement. You will
be required to make at least the minimum payment by the due date shown on your statement. The minimum payment
due for each 4 week statement period will be shown on each statement. The minimum payment on current balances
will be £5 or 7% whichever is greater or the full current balance if less than £5. You may pay more if you wish to do so.
Any insurance premiums due, Buy Now Pay Later set up charges or default charges (described below) that are
applied in the statement period will be payable in full in addition to the minimum payment described above.
If you use the account to purchase certain items we may ask you to make an additional payment in relation to that
item. This additional payment will not increase the price of the purchase. If this requirement applies we will determine
and notify you of the amount and timing of the payment when you order the item.
Key Information
Administration charges are payable by you in respect of the following matters:
 Buy Now Pay Later set up charge - £10, £15, £20, £25
 If you make a payment via Paypoint or the Post Office - £1
 If you make payment by cheque – 25p
 You fail to make at least the minimum payment by the payment due date - £12
 For any letters, telephone calls or other debt collection activity we undertake - £12
 Any cheque, direct debit or other item for payment into your account that is unpaid or dishonoured - £15
 Any court fees & costs incurred by us in pursuit of arrears.
We reserve the right to vary these (or introduce new charges) at any time in accordance with clause 13 of Further Terms
and Conditions.
Further Terms and Conditions
1.3. Buy Now Pay Later Transactions: Selected purchases may be available on one of the following Buy Now Pay Later
offers (“BNPL Transactions”) as published from time to time. A set up charge may be payable on Buy Now Pay Later
Transactions. Any such set up charge will be one of the amounts shown in Key Information above and will depend on
the specific Buy Now Pay Later Transaction offered. We will state the amount of any applicable set up charge when
we communicate the Buy Now Pay Later offer to you.
2. The credit under this agreement is running account credit and is to be used by you to make transactions for
goods,services and digital content from retailers, outlets and brands agreed by us from time to time. We may debit
your account on each occasion upon which you provide us with authority to do so, including verbal authority. This
agreement is open ended and does not have a fixed duration.
8. If you are not satisfied with any aspect of this agreement then write to: Shop Direct Finance Company Limited,
Customer Excellence, Sandringham House, Sandringham Avenue, Chelmsford, CM92 1LE. If you have complained to
us and we have been unable to resolve your complaint you may then refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman
Service, Exchange Tower, London, E14 9SR. Telephone 0800 023 4567 or 0300 123 9123.
You can view a copy of our Complaints Procedure on the website. Following our complaints
procedure does not affect your right to take legal action.
The Buy Now Pay Later set up charge will only apply to new transactions from the date when the change takes effect, as
mentioned above. Existing Buy Now Pay Later Transactions on your account will not be affected.
If you do not want to maintain your account once these changes have taken effect then you can end this agreement by
giving us notice and paying the outstanding balance.
I've received the same e-mail and quite frankly I think the bigger they are becoming the more they are taking the **** , as even their customer service is also there just for name sake now. Therefore, I'm looking to close my account as well with them .
Yet another company becoming overly greedy.
I won't pay for fees, charges, delivery costs, handling etc so it looks like another company crossed off my list.
Just save up and purchase elsewhere when you can afford it . Very prices are extortionate anyway generally
I've got the same email. Was already about to take my business elsewhere after they failed to credit my account with the 10% discount on electrical items purchased before 23/12/15. Was supposed to be applied by 11th Jan. I called and they tried to tell me that as I had used a £50 off voucher I was not entitled to the 10%. The screenshots show the only offer that invalidated the offer would have been the first purchase discount. The item was £750 so I'm not impressed, especially as the item is now faulty after 3 weeks use. Unfortunately was bought in November but not used until Xmas day.
used to be very hppy with very but these arw my issues

free delivery to shop now is mostly charging you to post to your house

paying for bnpl so its not intrest free is it
I had the same email I use the buy now pay later around twice a year and always pay the balance before interest cuts in.
i shall not be using again if I get a bnpl charge
They also have a policy of refusing BNPL if you don't spend enough with them over time

They also have a policy of refusing BNPL if you don't spend enough with … They also have a policy of refusing BNPL if you don't spend enough with them over time

Add to that... threaten to close your account if you haven't made a purchase within a short time period.

They also have a policy of refusing BNPL if you don't spend enough with … They also have a policy of refusing BNPL if you don't spend enough with them over time

Had that a couple of weeks ago. Brilliant way to encourage you to buy from them.
How VERY VERY dare they
I got the same email, closed my account. Wee it took 6 weeks and four emails to finally get them to close the account. I had purchased about 4 items (most over £1000) on BNPL and had cleared them all within 5 months each time.

Surely they make enough money from selling the goods at the vastly inflated prices without having to punish me for being a good customer. What am I talking about, a good customer is up to their eyes in debt and paying hundreds in interest a year.
Don't care if they close my account, their products are overpriced and can be bought for less elsewhere so they can keep them and the user accounts.
it amazes me that people buy anything from them considering how much they overcharge
Update ... I placed a order for a dishwasher before the 27th Feb before these outrageous for the BNPL started. It was delivered this morning opened it. Completely damaged with dents and broken parts inside.. When I pulled the drawer out it completely fell apart.

I phoned them up, they told me to ring Swan customer service to get it repaired, it isn't my fault it's broke so why should I have to ring Swan up to come out and fix it. Idiots swan can't fix anything that's dented, Totally decussed at them in after sales service told them I wanted a £20 knocked off for the replacement dishwasher. They wasn't having any of it, told them I want to speak to the manager then... Now have to wait 4 hours for him/her to phone me back.

It's a outrageous the dishwasher don't even look new, it looks like somebody sent it back damaged faulty and they just repack it hoping some poor other mug accepts it. Thanks VERY Much!
I have tested bnpl and I not noticed charges added at final stage of checkout. I got the email few months back too. So do the check as it may only charge on very high end prices or certain products.
I got bitten when I signed up a new account to buy a new Galaxy 7 Edge phone on bnpl after seeing a deal on this site. Was 100% sure that I had selected bnpl but apparently I should have checked the statements I received to see that bnpl had been accepted. When money came out of my account I just thought it was a bit crap but whatever. After 3 payments I checked my balance and saw nearly £50 of interest on the account. I called them and they transferred it to a bnpl but they are refusing to refund the interest to my account. I have spoken to UK based customer services who said they would, then the request was refused in their back office and their south africa based online chat customer service seemed to enjoy telling me it was my fault and I should have read all the terms and conditions. I won't use the company again - its up to them if they want to read rules and regulations to me but if it was an honest mistake (and what else could it have been) or misunderstanding then why would they not fix it - unless they want the £50 more than they want my continued custom.

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