VERY.CO.UK I ordered an item that still hasnt arrived and its now cheaper, will very price match it to the price it is now? Anyone help?

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Posted 14th Apr 2015
I ordered my daughter a new bed and it was estimated 4 week delivery. I went to check status of delivery as I have a very keen and excited girl to get her new bed with slide and noticed it has fell in price by £20. As mine has not be delivered yet is there anyway to get very to match the difference? I called customer services and they told me to cancel the order and reorder but the delivery time is 4 weeks and its due for delivery in 9 days and I would rather pay the extra than disappoint my daughter but was just wondering if I had any grounds to get the sale price matched? Anyone every had an issue like this that can give me some advice? As I said I am not prepared to cancel for the sake of 20 quid but still annoyed at paying the extra.
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