- poor cancelation process? Anyone had experience?

Found 13th Sep 2017
So basically, I placed an order and 1 hour later I decided to cancel because I wanted something else from their website.

I cancelled online, an hour later I got nothing. So I called and they said I didn't cancel at all - I got a confirmation when I cancelled online.


I've just got 3 times in the space of 3 hours trying to cancel the order, when I get off the phone it goes from 'cancel pending' to 'processing order'

Actually paid via BNPL scheme so its on their credit, not sure why they're acting up - I understand they do 3rd party drop shipping but its easily been 4 hours since my order on an experience product I don't want the silly 'refuse delivery on the door'.

Anyone had similar experience?
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Very customer service is notoriously crap to the point when many just avoid them altogether.
I do all mine on the chat, try on there .
Customer service is horrible , sued them for 3k after Xbox wasn’t delivererd
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