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Posted 1st Mar
Just after a bit of advice. Click on my Vodafone app and opened the veryme application to see what’s new.
There’s a “win your days pay” competition where you get a code to see if you’ve won.

It says I’ve won however it asks you to enter your account details so they can transfer you they money.

As standard I would never do this... however this is from Vodafone so surely can’t be bad....

What’s people thoughts on this ? Safe to give over details again or would you stay clear ?
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i am confident it's ok, as i won too and the terms said the payment would be by mando and after some research they are the agency that manages VF rewards. Seems legit.
Congratulations - I didn’t win. But good to hear there are real winners!
You can give them my account details if you like...
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