vespa scooter.

    would you buy a 125 registerd 230cc scooter on a cbt tht only allows 125cc?
    its a px 125 with a 200 engine and bore kit
    do you think its too risky if i crash ?


    Or if Police stop you - Biker cops are well clued up on these things.

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    true how would they tell though if sitting on speed limit?

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    yeer apart from quicker pull aways,they wouldnt

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    if i buy it maybe i should take off the race pipe at least as with some other race parts is more like 300cc bike

    They used to call Vespas 'puff chariots' when I was a lad.X)

    You're going to feel a real nob if you drive into a £70k merc (or it drives into you for that matter) and you find ur insurance is void. Add in a conviction for extras.Think carefully.

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    yeer i got a px80 instead of all that!

    Back in the day the 1980s to be exact a lot of scooters were chopped down and had a bigger engine put in them especially going from a PX125E to a PX200E. The sooters looked the same so you couldn't tell what had been done. However on all occasions when accidents happened the insurance was void and that in turn opened up a whole lot of misery for everyone concerned. The sound from the bore kit alone would alert any plod in the area so I wouldn't bother risking it.
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