Vestel TV's and Original Panels

Found 24th Feb 2016
I've read comments on TV deals of well known brands,saying they are re-branded Vestel made sets and I was a little perturbed.
Now I must research for my next TV and hopefully get one that's made by the badge.
So far I know that most TV's are made by Vestel or Hisense;especially low to mid-range ones.
All Toshiba,Bush,Phillips,Seiki,Cello,Blaupunkt and Polaroid(also some Panasonic's too)sets are best avoided from what I've heard.
I'd like to know which companies or which individual sets are made by the big brands,preferably Japanese quality.
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This may help you in making some decisions:

Vestel Wikipedia
wow, Wasn't aware of that, they are huge then,

wow, Wasn't aware of that, they are huge then,

Yep, however I normally buy LG branded televisions, have also had Samsung before I fell out of love with them (slow EPG). I also purchased a 32" Blaupunkt TV (Vestel made) a couple of years back during Black Friday deals and was quite impressed with it for the money I paid. If I was looking for something and was on a budget, it's not all bad, it is what it is.
LG and Samsung make all their TV's as do Sony but they do sometimes outsource the screens from other manufacturers.

I don't think Sony make their own LCD panels but LG and Samsung make some of theirs.

Stick with those 3 brands and you should be ok :).
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