Vet bills for rats comparision if anyone can help please

Posted 3rd Apr 2011
Just after a little advice if anyone here is a rat owner and has had to go to the vets with them please.

If anyone here has had to take a rat to the vets for stiches or a similar op and could let me know what they paid roughly please.

We have had to now take 2 of our males to vets because of fighting and had to pay £120 for the stitches & associated care/medicine. Is this about right in comparision to your costs or are we being ripped?

Last time we had to pay £170 because it was out of hours. We are going to have to get the agressive one neutered so if anyone has had to get that done (on a rat that is) would you mind letting me know the costs you had to pay please.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.
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Aren't rats about four quid from the local pet shop?

Just upgrade:D
i had mine nutered it cost £46 i think... i know it was just under £50, that was about 2 years ago, we did have a tumour removed from our first rat that was around £90 must of been 5 years ago or more
Thanks for the reply. Was it a male rat that you had neutered and did that money include all the medicine etc?
I don't know specifically about vet costs for treating rats. But experiences I have had with vets suggest many of them seem to set their prices according to how much an insurance policy is likely to pay out for a set treatment.
Of course if you don't have an insurance policy to claim from it can get expensive.
Yeah we are considering if to get insurance but I am guessing insurance won't cover neutering anyway. Hopefully once that is done they stop the fighting.

Can but hope.
Yes it was a male rat and included everything, even a check up after to make sure he was doing ok
not quite the same but had to take our 2 rats to the vets 10 years ago and that cost just over £50 for antibiotics for chest infections. So the price for stitches to both of yours sounds about right. This pet owning lark is damned expensive!
Thanks for letting us know.. we're certainly having an expensive time!
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