Veterinary prescription charge

Posted 29th Jun 2021

My dog is suffering from congenital heart failure and mitral valve disease. One day he just suddenly became very poorly, I rushed him to the vet where we found out he suffered from this lifetime condition.

His first lot of medication cost £185 for the first 30 days from the vet. (On top of £1200 worth of blood tests, X-rays etc) When his test results came back we had to almost double the dose as he was in a much worse condition than anticipated.

This time around to avoid a massively inflated medicine prices charged by my vet I asked for a prescription so I could get them from an online pharmacy.

They charged me £56!! Just for a prescription. They said it’s £25 for a prescription and they added an extra surcharge of £10 per medication because “it takes longer to write out 3 prescriptions and because I’m going elsewhere” to get the meds. This prescription is also only for 30 days!!

So I’m guessing I just wanted to see what people think because I am so upset right now and feel it’s completely unjust. Bearing in mind this is a lifelong condition I feel this prescription should be at least for 3-6 months and not 30 days to justify this kind of fees.

To add insult to injury the total cost of the medication is £47. Which makes the prescription more expensive than the treatment.
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