I dont know if this is in all branches of Vets4Pets so it is probably best to check but it is definitly on offer in the one on Durham Road in Stockton on tees. I know there is only a short time until the end of May but this may still be of use to someone. They are also offering a lifetime of booster injections for a one off payment, i think it was £70.00. Again that may be of use to someone.


    Anything for happy pets gets heat from me!

    Now that is HOT!

    good find its a shame there is not one near me

    Hot just because I live near stockton too

    This is branch specific, so I have been told by my better half. Best check on the phone before you go in (which I suppose you would be doing anyway, in order to make an appointment)

    Just read this on their website...

    We are currently running a special "Vaccinate your pet for life" option on all vaccinations given in our practices. For a one-off Vaccination for Life fee paid now, you can enroll your pet into a course of annual vaccinations at no future cost. Terms and Conditions are given below.

    Vaccinations are an important part of taking care of your pet, offering protection against many life-threatening or unpleasant conditions.

    For more information on this follow the links below to read our advice on:
    Vaccinating your dog or puppy
    Vaccinating your cat or kitten
    Complete the Vaccinate for Life Registration Form now and take it to your local Vets4Pets practice to protect your pet for life.

    Terms and Conditions

    This offer is only applicable to cats and dogs, and does not include vaccinations for Rabies, Chlamydia or Bordetella (kennel cough).

    The offer is not to be used for any animal other than that of the registered pet within the scheme.

    If during any stage of the “Vaccinations for life” programme your pet is overdue for one of its scheduled injections/boosters, according to manufacturers recommendations, it will be necessary to start the original course of vaccinations over again. If this is the case, the cost of the initial course will have to be paid in full before re-commencing on the “Vaccinations for life” programme.

    This offer is fully transferable between all Vets4Pets centres.

    This is a non-refundable offer.

    Ask our practice staff for more details.

    WOW! That's a good deal.....shame there isn't one near me! We get ripped off with our vet's round here
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