Veyron in the water, how it got there. new footage

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Found 14th Nov 2009
everyones seen the video where they pull it out but heres how it got there in the first place.…tPE


so who's the driver??
$1.7 mil car ...

another youtube link says:
"Bugatti Veyron after a crash into a lake. Being pulled out by a tow truck. Near Galveston Texas. The driver was distracted by a low flying pelican and dropped his cell phone"

Only 15 in the US. What of the chances of filming one crashing let alone filming one at all

Basicall when you look closer, you see that the car does not swerve or make any sudden movements at all
This indicates that the driver was not aware of anything while driving even until the point of driving off the road
He would have to have been distracted somehow, and im sure it would be in a visually impared way because of that, probably texting or something
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