Just baught a new HD TV and want to connect my Dell laptop to it. Been told to connect through VGA but wondering what VGA cable I will need and where I can get it cheap.

    Ta :-D


    under £3.50 delivered on ebay 330151325251

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    Ordered. Thanks. Rep added!

    Also, you need another lead for audio

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    Also, you need another lead for audio

    Hmm so this means I will need a seperate sound system?

    Not a sound system, just an audio wire, they very cheap.

    Headphone jack from your laptop, to the headphone jack to your TV.

    This is what I currently do with mine.

    ALternatively, you can get VGA cables with an attached audio cable for a little extra, think I paid £8 a few months back, just more tidy and saves the extra wires.

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    Ok simple enough thank you. Will be getting a system at some point anyway.

    Oky doke, not 100% sure, but I think, you'll need something coming from the laptop.

    Eg, if you display whatever is going from your laptop on the TV, you'll need something coming from your laptop.

    I guess that you'll need this wire to work with the sound system.

    If someone can confirm that be great.

    hth, pretty hard for me to explain via forum speak

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    Yeah will look a bit more into it nearer the time. No rush. Thanks again Deal4me

    I think you'll need a 3.5mm headphone jack going to 2 phono connectors.

    Not sure if the tv will let you set audio from one source and video from another source at the same time though.....

    Just use a 5.1 sound system connected to the laptop surely???

    well the laptop will have its own speakers anyway, but most tv's i think have an audio input beside the vga, mine does.
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