VGA Male to VGA Male cable - not too expensive!

    I've searched through about 9 pages on here and couldn't find this mentioned before, so...

    I'm looking to get an inexpensive VGA male (HD15) to VGA male cable to link my PC to my tv... I'm not wanting to spend too much as it's more for occasional use and to see what it looks like on a big LCD screen (as opposed to the current monitor), perhaps with a view to getting a new PC soon with the possibility of that being used with the LCD tv.

    I've looked in PCWorld/Currys/Staples etc, and these appear to be around a tenner for a shortish (1.8m) cable. Can anyone suggest an alternative (including ebay) and what kind of prices you can get these for?



    Just noticed the 3m one at play is out of stock

    Original Poster

    thanks for the links, I checked them out and eventually ordered a 2m one for £3.99 delivered on ebay (the ebuyer one would've meant waiting 5 days). If the play one had been in stock at £2.99 though i'd have got that!
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