VGA to HDMI Converter Wanted

Found 19th Apr 2009
My TV doesn't have a VGA input, but it does have an HDMI input.

If I wanted a VGA to HDMI converter that would allow me to use my laptop on my TV, how much would this cost and where's the best place to get one?


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Not a cheap option:


Maybe better to get a VGA to component cable, as I am sure your TV will have component connections: Green, Red, Blue phono plugs

HDMI doesn't output analogue signals so you're looking at an expensive box converter rather than just a simple cable like you can use for DVI, as Heavertron suggested you may be better off looking for a converter to the analogue component signals (I don't know how much difference there is between the two, but they're both analogue and RGB so a converter should be cheaper).

Original Poster

I see, so it doesn't have to be an HDMI connection?

Currently on my TV I have the following connections:

PC Audio In (free)
Tuner (free)
2x SCART sockets (1 free, 1 used)
HDMI (free)
Red/White Audio Components (used)
Red/Green/Blue Components (used)
S-Video (free)
Yellow/White/Red Components (free)

Essentially, what I'm looking for is a device to display my laptop on my big screen (and play sound, natch) using the above connections. Currently my Telewest box connects to the TV using one of the SCART sockets and my Xbox 360 connects to it using the R/G/B and R/W sockets.

Previously, I've used the S-Video and PC Audio In sockets to display my old desktop PC on the TV, but then whenever I was watching something using WMP or similar the S-Video cable blacks out that signal (as I understand it this is an anti-piracy measure).

does your laptop only have VGA?
or does it have svhs too?

vga to tv in your position is going to be difficult

svhs+audio to scart is possible.
look at ebay for laptop tv out kits.

depending on your gfx chip tho, don't expect as good a quality as you see on your laptop screen.
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