VHS to PC/DVD converter needed

    I already have Pinnacle Studio 8 with the Dazzle Digital box, but updates no longer available on the Pinnacle site & my PC wont recognise my VHS

    Anyone know any other (cheap) way I can do this or another bit of cheap kit I can buy ?

    Got a lot of older football and local stuff on VHS that a lot of friends & family want...

    Any help appreciated


    Not quite what you may have in mind, but I bought a really cheap DVD recorder and some cheap DVDRs from (or similar) and used the input on the DVD to 'burn' all my VHS tapes to DVD. I now can rip these easy on PC for playing with at my leisure (also I have an easy backup on DVD without using loads of disk space). Bonus is I also have a DVD recorder for the odd occasion .....

    It set me back about £50 and the DVDs were around £8 for 50....

    I also found that burning onto DVD using a stand alone DVD recorder was much easier than trying to capture VHS to a PC.
    Once on DVD you can rip to PC for editing if required.

    11267 at might do the job for around £10
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