vhs vidoes

    i have about 70 vhs films but dont even have a vhs playeer anymore so wass thinking about selling all of them on ere for 1 price any 1 think they would sell


    P+P on that must be huge >.

    No. Take 'em to a car boot sale or charity shop. I'm sorry to say they are worth next to nothing.

    i have over 100 taking up space was thinking of charity shop but someone on here the other day said even charity shops were knocking them back :? !!!!

    Original Poster Banned

    cheers for advice i just wanted rid of them

    I couldn`t even get rid of mine on freecycle.:?

    I sold a couple of rare ones on the 'bay and binned the rest, charity shops wouldn't take them.

    Worthless, might be worth looking on ebay though, see if there are any rare ones

    No-one here will take them either.
    Had to bin the whole set of friends videos none of mine wanted at all

    any horror ones??

    no they dont sell at car boot sales either as i found out last year

    leave them out front (somewhere sheltered from rain) with a sign saying "free please help yourself" and people might.
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