Viagogo booking fee - £103.50 - is it me or is this extortionate and a pricing error?

Found 14th Feb 2017
I've bought concert tickets and was charged £103.50 for booking fee - this seems a lot ?
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Viagogo are basically legalised touts so it would not surprise me one bit. Although you would have seen the charges before buying.

Saying that there was a 'glitch' recently so might be worth looking at this…now
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when u booked didn't it show the fees looking into it seems like they charge around 15 percent sometimes more of the cost is this around that price.
Did this price show up when you purchased? mine said £398 then had an email saying thank you for payment of £549? this price wasn't there and I can't get hold of there customer service
The other half booked tickets on the uk website but when the tickets were sent out they come from the Netherlands and had a stupid amount for postage. But when she logged on to view how much she had been charged it took us to the Netherlands site. Avoid them!!
Your lucky friend of ours had just under £1000 added as a booking fee that didn't show until receipt was issued. Found loads of people said same . Friend followed advice on money savings expert and has managed to get all money back. But basically they are a con site.
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