Viagogo cancelled my sale and wants me to pay a fee

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Posted 4th Apr 2017

I am sorry, because this question is related to football, but I found a similar question on this site, so I suppose you guys might have a solution. Will appreciate every answer. I sold a legitimate ticket on Viagogo to the Slavia Prague X Sparta Prague game (played 4.4.2017). The ticked sold the 8.3, I uploaded the E-tickets right away, and I though this will go without any problems. Unfortunately, today I got this email:

"We are contacting you regarding your order 9799872 for SK Slavia Praha vs Sparta Prague on 2 April 2017.

As you could not provide the tickets for your sale 9799872, we have had to cancel this. In addition, you will be charged to cover the cost of finding replacement ticket(s) for your buyer. This will be deducted from your next payment.

Please remember that you will not be paid for this sale. In future, if you have issues confirming or fulfilling a sale, please always contact viagogo immediately.

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The thing is, I was also selling another ticket, which sold on another site, and it also sold on Viagogo the same night. So I had to cancel the order, and I received a similar email yersterday, with a pretty high fee, which I dont think is fair, but I admit that was my mistake of not reading the terms and conditions but I dont understand what happened with this sale.

Here I attach the screenshot of my confirmed payment for this ticket:…png

It is a confrmed payment from the oficial site, where the tickets for the game were being sold.

Here is a screenshot, which shows, that the tickets were uploaded:…png

As you can see, the ticket button is checked, which means the tickets were uploaded.

And here is the ticket, which can viewed on the website:…png

Compare it with this one:…png

Compare them and see, they are completely the same. If somebody is being scamed, then its me.

I wonder, what is the way, to prove Viagogo, the tickets were legit and get my money, without paying the fee they will give me ? If it is not possible, I wonder, how can I pay the fee then, and when ? I will contact Viagogo in 5 minutes about this, but I contacted them already yersterday, because of the first fine, which I mentioned in the second third paragraph, they still did not answer though. I can give them acess to my account, where the official ticket is purchased, so they can see, the one I sold is legit, or I dont have problems contacting the club to check the ticket. I will aprreciate every help thank you.
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