Viagogo Ticket Scam

Found 18th Nov 2016
I challenge anybody to actually get to speak to somebody at the Ticket Reseller Viagogo or even get an email reply from their customer services.
Bough tickets 5 months ago and three days before the event they informed me via email the tickets were not available however Viagogo were still selling tickets for the event at 5 times the price I had paid.
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Welcome to legalised touting. They should all be banned imo.
Write to their CEO and explain what has happened.

The CEO is Eric Baker and his email address is eric dot baker @ viagogo dot com

I have just checked their T's and C's and they have covered themselves by using the word comparably, see below.

1.3 viagogo Guarantee. When You purchase tickets on viagogo, viagogo guarantees that You will receive the tickets You paid for in time for the event. In the rare instance that a problem arises and the original ticket Seller does not provide You with the tickets listed for sale, viagogo will, in its sole and absolute discretion, review comparably priced tickets and offer You replacement tickets at no additional cost, or viagogo will issue You a refund for the cost of the tickets.

Have you tried visiting Twickets who are an ethical ticket reseller who resell tickets at face value.

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scum should be banned make complaint to BBC watchdog and trading standards
Sounds like an absolute farce, must be infuriating. As Miles has suggested, report them and hit them where it hurts.

Sounds like an issue with the seller but I'd never use viagogo.


Welcome to legalised touting. They should all be banned imo.

Unfortunately that just pushes ticket reselling underground. At least this is fairly safe.
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