viavan launches in london - great news for vanophiles

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live out your van fantasies!!
ViaVan, the joint venture between Via and Mercedes-Benz Vans, announced today the launch of its shared ride service in London.

Through the ViaVan app, passengers will be seamlessly matched in real time with other riders headed their way, sharing their trip in a professionally-chauffeured vehicle...

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The problem is that the drivers will not have the same ‘knowledge’ of London streets, one way systems, back doubles etc as the original London Licensed Black cabs. The streets are already clogged up with taxi services such as Uber that only use satnav to fulfil the destination routes, subsequently with all the road closures, demonstration marches and day to day incidents these transport providers get lost easily as the satnav can’t provide them with alternative routes and they end up going the wrong way down one way streets and going round in circles blocking the main artery roads ultimately causing mayhem
Not for me far too shiny and slick for a van experience, now if t was a battle scarred white van, with old mars bar wrappers, long drunk cups of tea, seats covered in dubious stains and a faded copy of the Sun, driven by someone with complete disregard for the laws of the highway and always ready with a sexist and abusive banter I certainly would.
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