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Found 20th Oct 2010
I have just been informed at school that is dressing up day for the kids tomorrow and the theme is victorian royalty. Does anyone have any ideas as to what i should dress my 5 year old son and 6 year old daughter as, i am completely clueless. Thanks in
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A king,queen,prince or princess from the Victorian era would be a safe bet based on the information you have given us
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Lord Flashheart
we always get things like this at our school, a pain isnt it ,.....i always go on google images to get ideas

ooh blimey ive just had a look and not that much help tbh !
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Surely you can knock up something similar to this before tomorrow............,%20Royalty,%20Queen%20Victoria%20and%20Family.jpg
My son's school did this last year and I sent my son in a shirt, waistcoat and ripped some of his old trousers so he looked like a beggar, a lot of the girls wore long dresses with a shawl over them, Hope this helps.
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